August 23-31, 2024 / Prince Edward County

Founders & Directors Johannes Debus and Elissa Lee

“Change is the only constant in life.” 

— Heraclitus

This season, BIGLAKE curates refreshing concert programmes that explore
the evolution of various elements of music: how instruments evolved,
how musical form and language changed through the eras,
how a composer’s style changed,
and how a piece sounds in a different version.

We have matched every concert to a unique and befitting County location, enhancing the experience for audiences and artists alike.

BIGLAKE prides itself on bringing exceptional artists from around the globe, and this year we are very excited to welcome pianist Louis Lortie and Ilya Poletaev, violinists Timothy and Nikki Chooi, the Art of Time Ensemble and the COC Ensemble Studio, to name a few.

We are very excited to welcome three extremely talented young violinists from Hong Kong: Matthew Chin, Hiu-Sing Fan, and Pui Ying Wong. They represent some of Hong Kong’s brightest talents, performing all over the world as soloists and are members of Musicus Solists, a recently launched chamber orchestra that tours internationally.

BIGLAKE is proud to present these brilliant young talents to you, and we thank the Musicus Society for their generous and continuous support.


BIGLAKE Festival Pass | August 23-31, 2024
(limited quantity available, sales ending May 5th)

Access to 10 concerts* for $440 instead of $550 for adults

Seniors $395, instead of $495

Enjoy a 20% discount and secure your tickets in advance 


Concerts included in the Festival Pass:

The Evolution of the Piano
Carn Davidson 9
Part 1 and 2 of Beethoven Marathon*
Virtuoso Violins
Candlelight Concert
Fiddle Extravaganza
Carnaval des Animaux
Louis Lortie performs Chopin
Opera Gala

*If you purchase Part 3 of the Beethoven Marathon, you will receive a complimentary full board: all-day coffee/tea, lunch, a sweet treat, a glass of wine, and a gift.



Purchase tickets to all 3 Beethoven Marathon concerts and receive complimentary full board: all-day coffee/tea, warm lunch, a sweet treat, a glass of wine, and a gift.

Adults $165

Seniors & Students $150 


We are thrilled to announce Karlo Estates as our Exclusive 2024 Wine Sponsor. Their award-winning wines will be available at various events and concerts throughout the season, complementing performances beautifully. A big thank you to Sherry Karlo and Saxe Brickenden for supporting BIGLAKE since its humble beginnings. We are very grateful for their commitment and passion for the arts.