Thank you to our incredible donors, whose generosity brings the beauty of music to life and enriches the cultural fabric of our communities


Carol and David Appel


Virginia Atkin and Keith Ambachtsheer

Kris Vikmanis and Denny Creighton


John and Elizabeth Fraser

Judith and Joseph Van Bastelaar

Robert and Geraldine Sharpe

Susan Mortimer

Jane and Stephen Smith

Robert Stalker

Lindy and Chris Cowan

Miquel Serrano and James Miller


Spike Capital Corp
(Corrine Spiegel and Jonathan Kearns)

Darrell Jensen and Dan McHenry

Scott Montgomery and Lawrence Williams

Kathy Legge and Rob O’Connell

Catherine Collins

Sherry Karlo and Saxe Brickenden

(up to $500)

Alexandra Seay

Meika McCunn

Francis Lapointe

Andrew Phua

Michael Von Teichman

Delane and John Cooper

Victoria Taylor

Jean Bernard Joly and Mark Caven

Rishi Malkani

Colleen Smith

Anne and Scott DuBois

Clark Harrop and Gillian Richards

Marie-Josee and Roger Remillard

Kaspars and Elizabeth Tuters

James Turner and Craig Daniel

Harry Malcolmson

Lisa Bowen

Michelle Stewart