For one week in August, BIGLAKE Festival and its partners in the community transform the lakeside village of Wellington and surrounding areas in Prince Edward County into a canvas for performance and creativity.

BIGLAKE Festival grew out of Wellington Water Week, which ran from 2018 to 2019. Water Week used Wellington’s natural heritage on Lake Ontario as its inspiration for artistic, community and environmentally-related programming. BIGLAKE’s inaugural season was in 2021 during the pandemic, but despite the challenging conditions, an unforgettable all-outdoor season in unique spaces took place all across the County. BIGLAKE has since continued to grow, keeping its signature style, and becoming a fixture in the beautiful rural community of Prince Edward County.

Programmed by founders Johannes Debus, Canadian Opera Company Music Director, and award-winning violinist Elissa Lee, BIGLAKE welcomes Canada’s premiere artists and ensembles and many international artists from Europe and Asia to come and perform in Prince Edward County. BIGLAKE is based in the beautiful and quaint lakeside village of Wellington, home to the Wellington Music Hall, which BIGLAKE is proud to call home. BIGLAKE also pops up with performances across the County, partnering with local businesses and organizations that open their doors and turn their premises into concert venues, adding to the unique concert experience. These partnerships create a thread and bond within the community, bringing live music to all corners of the community.